High Quality Commercial Construction Services

Construction Management

As an Owner's representative under the Construction Manager role, we provide our expertise to develop conceptual as well as actual budgets based on the developed plans. We work with Architects and Engineers to develop the plans from conceptual to final stages and we engage in Value engineering with those professionals.

We develop construction schedules and monitor the construction progress while we enforce code and safety compliance on site. We also develop the process of qualifying and hiring of the various trades, develop scope of works related to each trade and make recommendations for final selections. We monitor the billing, and the change order process and make assessments prior to submitting to the Owner. We monitor the close out phase to the project including the actual completion of the project work as well as the submission of all required close-out documents.


Jayeff Construction, has the capabilities of providing "Design/ Build" projects for Commercial construction projects, from a conceptual design to the completion of building a project. We assemble the team of Architects and Engineers, develop construction budget costs based on value engineering, develop construction documents and plans, obtain required approvals and construct the project.


While no construction management company can guarantee a perfectly smooth project, tapping the expertise of the Jayeff professional team before the plans and drawings are finalized can go a long way in accomplishing that goal. Bringing us in during the pre-construction phase allows us to provide input on the crucial decisions that can help avoid costly delays in the field and ensure the project's success. During this phase, our team of experts will:

  • Analyze early design concepts.
  • Develop budgets.
  • Design procurement strategy for long-lead item priorities.
  • Implement value engineering services to ensure economy and quality.
  • Plan a bid document and qualification review.
  • Prepare a list of qualified contractors.
  • Develop a master CPM schedule.

General Construction

Our in-house team of professionals including Construction Estimators, Project Managers and Superintendents provides a complete crew of well trained and experienced construction professionals representing every trade and profession with a long practice of working together. It also provides quality workmanship, assurance, control, safety compliance & procedures.

Turn Key Services

Our turn key process provides scheduling and preparation of pre construction services through the construction phase and into completion of a project, ready for move in. Jayeff Construction will provide our clients full construction services from site preparation to grand opening.

Project Analysis / Value Engineering

We provide time, material, cost and methods of construction studies for scheduling projects that will provide our clients with the most cost effective approach to completing a construction process.